1. General Aviation B&S Aircraft supports the full gamut of general aviation from Aztec to Zlin, as our company was built by supplying GA accessory repair and overhaul support for OEMs and their owners worldwide. Pumps, fuel systems, starter generators, motors and a vast list of parts are handled by the most experienced bench technicians in the industry.


2. Business Aviation For 48 years, B&S Aircaft has supported a very diverse composite of aircraft within the business aviation community. From the single owner/operator to the fleet  transportation companies, we offer personalized service support for piston and turbine powered aircraft and helicopters. The value and quick-turn support of the fleet of business aircraft are an important element of our work plan, and you can rest assured that we only utilize OEM parts to repair every unit that enters the B&S facility.


3. Experimental Experimental aircraft demand the same precise maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities that B&S delivers to our commercial, business, general and military aviation operators. We offer a wide variety of generator control units, flap actuators- and fuel servos, and are proud to support the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and our experimental aircraft enthusiasts.


4. Commercial Carriers From American Airlines to UPS, a diverse array of commercial carriers are supported 24/7 with the same personalized Customer First service that our other customers experience. No matter what the size or configuration of aircraft, we service the component assets of this industry with passion and experience.


5. Helicopters Agusta, American Eurocopter, Bell, Robinson- and MD are just a few of the piston and turbine helicopters that we support. From commercial to private use to MEDEVAC to military, we can handle procedures as diverse as the environments in which these helicopters operate.


6. Military At B&S Aircraft we’re proud to support the many factions of military operations worldwide, and along with Ametek, we have extensive military experience within the transport and combat realms. Contracted and quick-turn support are issued through our Customer First support network, and every military account is channeled through a single source representative to ensure efficiency and security.